When should I expect to see the final result post a rhinoplasty surgery?

There is considerable swelling and oedema post rhinoplasty surgery. This

settles slowly, taking months and in some cases, even up to one year. So one

should be patient and relaxed after surgery and allow the healing to take place.

Do not expect to see the final result of the surgery till after all this has settled.


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Good candidate for Tummy Tuck

Tummy tuck or abdominoplasty is a useful surgery for patients who are not overly obese, but have excess of fat and skin in the abdominal area, especially the lower abdomen.
Since it is an elective procedure, the patient should be otherwise healthy and be able to tolerate a general anaethetic. If you have thickened scars from previous surgeries in your lower abdomen you may not be suitable for this procedure. A caesarian section scar is okay. It is best if your weight has stabilised and you are not planning further pregnancies. Being a non smoker is always good for any surgery.
Please discuss your expectations with your surgeon to make sure they are realistic.

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Facial fat transfer vs fillers – which gives more natural looking result?

Face, neck and other areasĀ  can lose volume due to ageing, excessive weight loss or other causes. Fat is a natural filler. All fillers that are used for facial rejuvenation, add volume to the areas where it is needed.

Fat is harvested from your own body, so the risk of allergic reactions is less. It also contains stem cells which maybe makes it superior to other fillers.

Giving a natural looking result really depends on the experience and expertise of the injector. It is delicate procedure and the injector needs to be familiar with the facial anatomy to know exactly where and how much to inject. In the right hands, both can give excellent results.

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